Sunday, 6 May 2012

@CllrSueA #Bournemouth #Tory Councillor supports #EDL

Sue Anderson, a Conservative councillor in Bournemouth, is currently causing a Twitterstorm after declaring her support for the English Defence League.

I thought the Tories were supposed to be tough on crime? So why is Councillor Anderson declaring her support for a bunch of violent, drunken, racist neanderthals who cause trouble wherever they go?

Turns out it's not the first time she's leapt to their defence. See this exchange with Richard Stay MP.

Or maybe, Sue, "left wing loonies" don't so much "want to stop Englishmen parading the Flag of England" as stop a nasty gaggle of football casuals intimidating and assaulting people on our streets?

Councillor Anderson doesn't seem very loyal to her own party, as this tweet suggests.

It's not only her own party she doesn't seem loyal to. She doesn't even seem that keen on her own constituents!

Well, Sue, since you don't seem to much like being in the Tory Party, and don't seem to much like your constituents either, maybe you should just quit?

For that matter, maybe we should help her to quit? If you're appalled by Councillor Anderson's statements, feel free to e-mail Nick King, chair of the Dorset Conservative Party, at . 

EDITED TO ADD: Councillor Anderson seems to have deleted the offending tweet now, though screenshots are all over the Internet. Here's something else that she's previously tweeted and deleted. Hat tip: @EDLNewsXtra)

@NotAGateway is an arts company run by Deepa Naik and Trenton Oldfield. I wonder whether Councillor Anderson felt she was replying to the person with the foreign-sounding name or the one with the British-sounding name?

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: Councillor Anderson has now issued the following statement.

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