Saturday, 14 April 2012

@wearethebrits - Hero of the First World War

Earlier today I cheekily speculated about English Defence League supporter @wearethebrits, who claims to be a former member of the Parachute Regiment. I wondered if this were actually true, or whether he's what our lads in uniform like to call a "walt".

In response, somebody was kind enough to send me a screenshot of the comments from his YouTube account.

Okay, it could just be a typo, apart from one thing.

The Parachute Regiment did not fight in the first Gulf War.


  1. Disgustingly, during Falklands anniversary he tried to gain kudos from real Falklands vets by tweeting something like "Those of us that defended the Falklands" When by his own admission his fake army career didn't start until the late '80s. A real WALTs trick that. A real ex-serviceman would NEVER do that.

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  3. Curiously still, the Parachute regiment were not in WW1 as they were not formed then, all the veterans from that war are dead, and what is more, apart from the Gallipoli campaign the only Muslim soldiers fought FOR the British. (As well as Hindus, Sikh's Gurkhas, Pondus I could go on and on and on and on.........)

    If he meant Gulf war one, then you may well be correct, but there were more Muslim troops on our side than UK ones.

  4. This is not unlike the 'combat hairdresser' Kieran who used to infest the Slated page. Told me he was a Royal Marine Commando 1996-1998 no less. Took him down publically, first by asking him if he did his basic training in Arbroath (home of the RM artic cadre), and of course the idiot said yes. I think I got it down to he'd not passed the physical in the end (but he was 'joining the Rifles in Sept, er yes Kieran, of course you are). Obviously, after that, I became a paedophile. These liars hate being humiliated.